Good news for customers living in Saskatchewan

Dr.Hauschka Cosmetics are available in Saskatoon!


        Dr. Hauschka Luxury Treatment

 Your health is of great importance to you—and to us. For over forty years Dr. Hauschka products have nurtured millions of people, both inside and out. Dr. Hauschka Skin Care were developed based on the understanding that your skin is smart—and when it is guided and supported with the proper, natural skin care products, your skin can achieve a state of health and radiance.

Our unique, ground-breaking products are made from organic, biodynamic and ethically wild-harvested plant and mineral ingredients. Each ingredient is processed according to our signature methods of preparation and manufactured to pharmaceutical standards. Simply put, Dr. Hauschka Skin Care offers the most highly effective products available. They allow you to care for your skin naturally. Our preparations work cooperatively with your skin’s natural processes to achieve a glowing complexion and a lasting beauty that comes from within.

Rose Nurturing Body Oil

When you use Dr.Hauschka Skin Care, you know you’re doing something healthy and good for yourself—you feel like you are truly taking care of yourself in mind, body and spirit.

Our line of natural holistic skin care preparations has been available in the US for over 48 years and includes items for the face, body and bath, along with natural mineral make-up.


Your session will include:

Facial mineral treatment including skin analysis

Relaxing face massage

Recommendations for products using Doctor Hauschka skin care products

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